Earlier in my career, when I moved from a magazine editorial job to brand marketing and multimedia, I had to manage revenue producing product lines to fund innovative editorial projects. Today, content creation pays for itself as the gas in the modern marketing engine. It’s a necessary step in the customer purchase process and brand sales cycle. For me, getting to work with creative people every day and develop content in all kinds of cool forms is my dream job.

In the spirit of the season, here are ten reasons to be thankful we’re in the content marketing industry.


  1. We get paid to tell stories 
  2. We define how to infuse traditional advertising with new editorial content. 
  3. We can use social media all day long – as part of our jobs. 
  4. The vendors keep improving their platforms and services by adding cool capabilities like detailed analytics and artificial intelligence. 
  5. We can see in finite detail how people consume our content. 
  6. We get to watch Joe Pulizzi and the CMI crew and followers find creative ways to sport the color orange. 
  7. We get to read. A lot. 
  8. We work with pictures, often of people, sometimes of cute animals, to bring our stories to life. 
  9. Our topics cover the gamut of life’s events from childhood to motherhood and entertaining, patriotism, and death; and make us laugh, love, and cry. 
  10. We were all once doing something else. We might have been writing, editing, filming, producing or yearning to create. Now content is our career and we love it.

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